SKI - Convection drying chamber

Конвективная сушильная камера СКИ

Water/ Steam or Electrical heating. Traditional type wood drying kiln. The SKI kilns dry all types of wood, from a thickness of 5 mm till beams. Possible to dry firewood. Automatic controller by Logica H&S, Italy. Siemens vents motors. Dunfos and Belimo drive units. The capacity of each kiln goes from 6 m3 to 15 m3 net per cycle. Thermal insulation 100 - 150 mm.

Sheathing Options:

Corrosion-resistant steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum.

Highly efficient drying chambers for wood, made in Russia.

Parameters SKI 15 SKI 10 SKI 10Electric SKI 15Electric
Dimensions, cm 806*249*260 806х234х245 806х234х245 806*249*260
Stack size, cm 165*210 165х180 165х180 165*210
Volume, m3 15 11 11 15
Final moisture % 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Energy consumption kW/h 5 3.5 41 45